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Self Care Exercises for Massage Therapists

Self Care Exercises for Massage Therapists

Massage therapists spend most of their days performing massage or sitting at a computer. It's easy to let a whole day or week go by without stretching and giving ourselves the care we need. We want to make sure all of you are treating yourselves right, that's why we've partnered with Melissa Finley, co-creator of Anatomy in Motion, to bring you this informative, simple guide of self care exercises.

In this beautifully illustrated guide you get:

  • Detailed stretching exercises that alleviate common pain areas for massage therapists
  • Pro-tips for incorporating self-care into your daily routine
  • Each section includes why you need the stretch, details about what the stretch is and how it helps

We know you're going to LOVE this free guide and get inspired to use these self-care routines. Massamio wishes you the best in health and wellness!

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